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Zoe may


Can laser eye surgery correct vision for reading?

I have problem in reading and my vision is blurry. I wonder if I can have laser eye surgery to correct my vision. I don't want to wear glasses.
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  • Anome


    No. Laser eye surgery cannot correct vision for reading. You still beed reading glasses or contact lenses to help you see better while reading. If you don't want to wear glasses, you can choose to wear contact lenses.
  • emily_xoox


    If you are over 40, you are probably having presbyopia. You can have monovision lasik to correct presbyopia if you don't want to wear glasses. Monovision compensates for presbyopia by correcting the eyes separately — one for distance and one for viewing objects up-close.
  • cha0s_engel


    i think you should see a doctor first to see if there is any problem such as eye disease in your eyes. I can't figure out what causes your blurry vision and don't know if laser surgery works for you. It is better to have an eye exam first.

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