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Can one wear mascara after cataract surgery?

I am talking about my granny. She is already 60 and just had a cataract surgery, but she kept asking how long she could wear mascara after the surgery.
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  • Mya harris


    It is not suggested to use mascara, powders, foundations, eyeliner or other make up in the two weeks after cataract surgery because they can easily get into your eyes can cause infection.
  • Anita


    I would say that she needs to wait at least three weeks. She really needs to wait for some times in order for the surgery to heal completely before she puts any makeup near her eyes. I hope that this helped you and your grandmother a bit.


    Of course. But you must wait for some time until the surgery get healed completely. It usually takes two or three weeks that you can wear mascara after cataract surgery. If you wear mascara soon after cataract surgery, it can cause inflammation which can delay the healing process. So you'd better wear mascara three weeks after cataract surgery.