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Who are more likely to get cataracts?

I know cataracts are the main disease causing blindness. Who are more likely to get cataracts?
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  • canttouchthis90


    1.People with diabetes type 1 or 2 are at very high risk for cataracts and are much more likely to develop them at a younger age. 2. People who have history of cataracts in family are more likely to get cataracts. 3. Women face a higher risk than men.
  • Desiree


    1.People with certain medical conditions, notably diabetes, are at high risk for cataracts, either because of a direct effect of the disease, its treatments, or both. 2.People with strong prescription tend to have cataracts. 3. People who often have malnourished diet can contribute to cataracts.
  • Gabriel peters


    Aged people and those who have long-term exposure to UV rays, especially those people living in plateau area are more likely to get cataract. So when we are exposed to the sunshine, we must wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from being damaged by UV rays.