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Do your pupils dilate when you have a seizure?

Is it possible to cause dilated pupils because of a seizure? Why or why not?
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  • Joshua?


    Well, as you can see, seizure is one of the most serious Neurological diseases that we might suffer in our lifetime. So, you have to tackle the problem before it is too late. Anyway, since seizure has got something to do with your nerves, which are connected with your eye nerve, which means that it is possible to generate dilated pupils. And dilated eyes is sometimes too complicated. Anyway, try to figure out the causes through medical exams.
  • Kaylee


    Well, yes, it is possible for your eyes to have dilated pupils when you have seizure. First, you should know that high blood pressure can lead to dilated pupils. So when you have seizure, it will just make you have high blood pressure. And then in that situation, it can just affect your eyes, and you will have high eye pressure. And then it will lead to dilated pupils. Also, anxiety can be the cause too. So just be careful about it. When dilated pupils occur, the black part of the eye will be bigger than normal. In other words, we can say that dilated pupils look like a big black circle. Besides, drug use, illness, and trauma are other causes.

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