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Can power plate damage your eyes?

Is it true that using power plate can damage eyes? How?
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    Well, it seems that you want to resort to a power plate in order to lose excessive fat from your body. So, generally speaking, proper use of power plate could simply not lead to eye problems. However, according to some people, too much use of it could give rise to some problems with your organs such as stomach,perhaps something with your eyes. Maybe eye twitching and blurred vision. Just try to protect your eyes as much as possible.
  • Jose


    Actually, the exercises may damage the eyes; however, it would be divided for low risk, high rist and extremely dangerous ones. The low risk ones will be no use of ball, club or racket and there has no body contact, such as Athletics, swim, gym and bicycle. The high risk ones are the ones which use tools and body contact, such as basketball, football and hockey as well as other racket use sports, and fencing or water polo. Besides, dive is belonging to this field of sports. The most risk ones will be the ones that have body conflict and without eyes care equipment, including box, wrestling and martial arts combat. The strong prescription people and high blood pressure person and diabetics should be cautious against strenuous exercise, so this kind of sports as team work sports will be easy to lead the fundus hemorrhage, even amotio retinae. The power plate will not belong to the high or most dangerous risk sports. It is relatively safe when you play. So never mind!

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