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What are the causes of a weeping eye?

Does anyone know what are the causes of a weeping eye? I would love to know about that.
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  • EDGAR Schneider


    Do you mean you suffered from watery eyes? Usually, there are three common factors for watery eyes: infection, allergies and a foreign body. Besides, eye strain also possibly causes eye strain. And to treat the watery eyes, you shall first check out what causes it because the treatments vary from different causes. If you suffered from eye infection, Over-the-counter topical anti-allergy drops can treat it. If it causes by foreign body, just get the foreign body out of your eyes. If you suffered from eye allergy, you use antibiotic eye drops.
  • Riley eddy


    Watery eyes are very common in our daily life. But we still can' t ignore this symptom cuz it may be caused by some other eye diseases such as eye allergies, eye infections or some other eye diseases. Anyway, you need to go to your eye doctor to have your eyes examined at once. However, we also know that when some irritants get into our eyes, we may also get watery eyes. But this will be okay if this is the real situation. You just need to flush your eyes with clean running water. One more word, cold water instead of hot water, lol.

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