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What causes red eye with sticky discharge in adults?

Why do i usually get red eyes with sticky discharge?
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  • crystalise34


    It must be pink eyes. And the discharge is a sign of some bacteria. And pick eyes are virus infection that attacks the membrane that covers the eyeball. If your have a sticky and yellowish eye discharge, it must be pink eyes. But if you have a thinner, clearer and less-crusty discharge, the eyes may suffered from allergies or a cold. So, you can check what eye discharge do you have. Or you can consult a eye doctor for a better treatment.
  • walkidiot


    In most cases, it means that you are suffering from an eye infection. More yellow your eye discharge is, more serious your eye infection is. Besides, eye discharge can also be divided into watery eye discharge and dry discharge. You can tell the symptom to guess what eye dieaseas you have got now. Some treatments can solve your problem but you still need to pay more attention to your living habits. Get enough sleep every day and keep on a healthy diet. Eat less spicy food and don' t take in too much salt every day. If it is convenient for you, you might as well do some eye exercises every day for relaxation.

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