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Can dehydration cause bloodshot eyes?

Can i get bloodshot eyes because of dehydration? If i take water right now, Will my eyes clear up soon?
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  • Christina nelson


    Yeah, generally speaking the dehydration can cause the bloodshot eyes. As we all know that dehydration can make us eyes feel dry and also dry skin. At daily life, every people have to drink at least one cup of water because every organ need water to keep our body normal. If we are dehydrated, we should drink more water or soft drinks. At the same time, when you notice that you have the bloodshot eyes, you can clear them by drinking more water. And also, you can ask help for the eye drops, which will wet your eyes and help you to clear the bloodshot eyes. All in all, when you feel your eyes are uncomfortable, you should use some drops because you know our eyes are the window where we can see some beautiful thinks in the world. If my advise does not work, you should consult your personal doctor.
  • charlene1o2


    Well, yes, dehydration can cause bloodshot eyes, as it can dry out your eyes which are probably why they are red and bloodshot. Generally speaking, when your eyes have dehydration, your eyes can also suffer a lot of other symptom, such as the red eyes, and in some cases, it can also lead to bloodshot eyes. So you should drink more water. But the symptom can not disappear soon after you have drunk water. It should be a long term. Also, you can try rewetting drops as well. You can use on a daily basis as much as you want and as long as you want. If it still exists, I would suggest you go and consult your optometrist.
  • california_lovv


    Yes, the bloodshot eyes can be got from the dehydration because of the dryness at the corneal. You should drink some water. However, too much amount of water may not be absorbed by the body which will cause the swelling eyes. You should eat some food with vitamin C. Thus, your symptom will get release.

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