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Can I wear contacts with a black eye?

If i get a black eye, can i wear contact lenses? Will it harm my eyes? Any suggestion?
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  • Isabel fergus


    You'd better not wear the contact lenses when you have the black eyes. If you have the black eyes, there will be some pain around your eyes. Wearing contact lenses will make your eyes get dry. You'd better get the eyes to be moisture. You could also use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to let them get release.
  • Anita


    Well, so sorry to see that your eyes are somehow bruised. So, you should know that your eyes are currently not in good conditions and are not in a position to wear contact lenses, for this could lead to some risks of more serious results. I suggest that you take timely measures to deal with your black eyes, rather than risk wearing contacts.
  • evil_lanruoj


    You can wear contact lenses with black eyes without any doubt.But make sure your eyes are not so sensitive .If your eyes are very sensitive ,so do not wear contact lenses,because you will feel discomfort when you wear that. My suggestion for you is that do massage to your eyes to make your black eyes recover as soon as possible.