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Kelly eddy


Does dehydration cause dark circles under eyes?

Is it possible to get dark circles under eyes because of dehydration? Why?
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  • emmie18


    Of course, dehydration can cause dark circles under eyes. As we know that it is a condition that occurs when the loss of body fluids, mostly water, exceeds the amount that is taken in. when someone has dehydration, there are more water moving out of our cells and then out of our bodies than the amount of water we take in through drinking. In this way, our body can be disordered and in serious case, it can lead to dark circles under eyes. So you should drink more water and eat more fruits. And also eye drops can be effective too. Besides, you should know that lack of sleep and stress can lead to dark circles. You should have a good rest and life habit.
  • Caroline bell


    It's possible to get dark circles under eyes because of dehydration,but that's not the only reason.Dehydration, or excessive water loss from the body, can cause darkness under the eyes. Drinking enough fluids can help prevent dehydration. The other reason might be poor blood circulation,which to the head or the skin is impaired, discoloration under the eyes can occur. With regular exercise and/or lying with down with the feet elevated, circulation can be improved, and the dark circles may diminish. And sleep disorders, such as insomnia or waking up multiple times during the night, can cause under eye discoloration or exacerbate already-present dark eye circles. When the body is not well rested, it is under stress. Adequate sleep gives the body, including the skin, the chance to repair and restore On top of that,I hope you can have a totally under standing of your own situation,and get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • Elijah


    Yes, it is possible to get dark circles under the eyes because of the dehydration. As we know, when you lack water, the eyes surrounding parts will get wrinkled. In addition, the lack of water at the eyes part will cause the bad blood circulation around the eyes. You'd better complement the water element to make your eyes look beautiful.