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Can cold cause sticky eyes?

Is it possible to suffer sticky eyes because of cold? Any suggestion?
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  • Cassidy campbell


    Well, sounds like you caught a cold, not good. So, as a matter of fact, you should be very careful of your health. And generally speaking ,a cold could generate a lot of problems, including some problems with your eyes. Sticky eyes are possible, because our eyes would produce more tears and eye discharge when we have a cold. You should simply try to swallow some pills and drink abundant hot water. Try to get more sleep.
  • walkietalkie131


    Yes, it is possible for you to get sticky eyes because of cold. When you get cold, your immune system will be reduced. Your eyes will easily get the eyes problems. Your tears gland system will work in weak state. That is the main reason to cause the sticky eyes. You may use some eye drops to release the symptom.