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Logan quick


Where to buy glasses like eddie jordan's?

I am looking for the eyeglasses that eddie jordan wears. Can you tell me where can i find it?
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  • walkingbassline


    Well, it seems that you are very interested in eddie jordan. So ,as we can see, he is one of the most famous basketball coaches in NBA. Anyway, we can see that the type of glasses he would like to wear is called nerd glasses with thin frames. They are quite common around us now and you could get them at all large optical centers such as Walmart, some websites even offer great prices, such as eBay.
  • walkersville


    Eddie jorden is wearing Mykita glasses. This brand of glasses are made with best-quality stainless steel, to ensure an ultra-light feel. Its designs are crisp, clear and distinctive. Also, you can choose different colors according to your taste. You can find it in its official website and its entity stores. I recommend you to the online shops because of its cheap price.
  • Melissa garcia


    Eddie Jordan wears his newest Mykita Glasses at The Turkish F1 Grand Prix. Eddie is wearing Mykita model Helmut in Honey. The type of the glasses is so fantastic which you will like it with no reason. If you want to buy this type, you could go to the near real store of the eyeglasses to have a search. Or else, you could go to the ebay to have a look.

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