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What are the styles of Latest Fashion glasses?

What are the styles of Latest Fashion glasses in 2012? Are oversized glasses still in style?
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  • Trinity


    Sure. oversized glasses are still in style in 2012, which are preferred by both men and women. They are one of the most stylish glasses in recent years. There are some other fashionable glasses that are pursued by many people, such as nerd glasses, cat eye glasses, retro glasses and black glasses. All of them are the latest fashion trendy glasses. People can choose one that suit them own personalities.
  • Lisa


    oversized glasses still in style this year. To know what the latest fashion glasses, you shall know what are the most popular and fresh elements in eyeglasses. I listed three types of eyeglasses frames that are popular this year. 1. Eyeglasses with elaborate and delicate flower designed temples are favored by lots of female customers. They are new trendy eyeglasses in 2012 for women. 2. Printed plastic glasses frames are also popular for women, as well as men. Printed glasses frames make eyeglasses more nice and elegant that especially for tender women and gentle men. 3. Subtle changes retro vintage eyeglasses like nerd glasses, wayfarer glasses, cat eyeglasses are still in fashion 2012.