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Where can I find steve jobs round rimless glasses in low price?

I want a pair of round rimless glasses just like the steve jobs wears. I don't have much money for it, maybe less than $50. Do you have any suggestion?
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  • Daniel gerard


    YOU can get steve jobs round rimless glasses less than $50 from some online optical shops. Search round rimless glasses online, you can find many online glasses shops offer such eyeglasses. As far as i know, provide round rimless glasses that steve jobs worn in a very low prices. I see some round rimless eyeglasses at ranges from $19 to $30. So, go ahead for a pair of cheap round rimless glasses there.
  • Caroline hill


    Shop around at the vintage stores in your local place, you may find steve jobs round rimless glasses by chance. Glasses in the vintage stores are very cheap. Or you just search them online, you will find round rimless glasses that are similar to the style of steve jobs eyeglasses. You can get them with low price from They have a large selection of steve jobs for you to choose. However, in my opinion, they are a little expensive. Good luck!

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