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What kind of face shape do round eyeglasses go well with?

I just wonder what kind of face do round eyeglasses like John Lennon's go well with?
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  • Dylan


    I think every one can wear round glasses frames. At one time, almost all eyeglasses are made of round glasses frames. And they were worn by anyone who need glasses. But right now, with the diverse of glasses frames, people begin to pursuit the best look eyeglasses for looks. And the general rule is that choosing eyeglasses frames that contrast your face shapes so as to flatter them. According to rule, people with square face, rectangular face and long face may go well with round glasses. Anyway, you shall test it by yourself that if round glasses fit for you or not.
  • elbcoastboy


    round glasses can suit people with angular faces fine. People who have square or rectangular faces can wear round glasses because these kinds of face shape have a strong jawline and broad forehead, with the same size in both width and length. To soften and balance the angles, they should choose glasses with rounded at the edges. Thus people who have square or rectange faces can choose to wear round frame glasses. People who have a round face are not suitable for round glasses.