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Can I get computer eyeglasses for eye strain at Walmart?

Does anyone know if I can get computer eyeglasses for eye strain at Walmart? If so, how much would it cost?
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  • Joseph campbell


    Yes. computer glasses are designed for computer use to relieve from the symptoms of CVS, such as eye strain, headaches and blurry vision. If you have good vision, you can get non prescription computer glasses which just make you feel ease while using a computer. You can also add anti radiation coating to the lenses to protect your eyes from the screen. If you wear prescription glasses, precription computer glasses will suit you fine. You can get cheap computer glasses at walmart which may cost you about $20.
  • Luthy


    Yes, of course you can. Computer eyeglasses are made for people who spend over two hours on computer work each day. With it, they can protect the eyes from harsh lights from computer screen and make you see computer easily and comfortably, thus to reduce the eye strains after long time working in front of computers. And computer glasses, prescription computer glasses can be found at Walmart. As for the cost, you can ask their workers since the prices of their glasses are vary.
  • Tammie Shuman


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