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Is chamomile tea good for eye infection?

I heard that chamomile tea is good for eyes. I wonder if it can help my infected eyes? Can i use chamomile tea to treat eye infection?
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  • Allison


    Yes, the chamomile tea could reduce your symptom of the infected eyes. However, it could not cure it well. Once you get the eye infection, you could use the eye drops to get rid of the bacterium in your eyes. Then you could use the medical care to treat your eyes. At the same time, the chamomile tea could make your eyes keep moisture.
  • Gabriel


    Well, it seems that you really have faith in chamomile tea . Anyway it is useful, as a matter of fact, chamomile tea is a stuff that would simply do good to your body and your eyes, making your eye strain relieved and help you improve your vision. However, as you can see, it just serves hygene purpose, which could not be a medicine. Thus, you still have to get some eye drops and other stuff to cure your infection. Remember, most infections with eyes could make you suffer if not treated on time.
  • emkat_rodd


    Yes, chamomile tea is good for eyes and it can help your infected eyes, you can use it to treat your eye infection. Actually drinking Chamomile tea daily is good for your health. Such as skin, hair and eyes. Many Europeans have already used chamomile tea to treat eye infections such as pink-eye and blocked tear-ducts. You can use a warm and wet bag of chamomile tea over your eyes, which will relieve your eye infection.