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Catherine williams


When can you get a discount for an eye exam at lenscrafters without insurance?

I have blurry vision. I am short of money at this time. Can you tell me when can I get a discount for an eye exam at lenscrafter without insurance?
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  • elizabeth_starz


    Maybe you can't get a discount for an eye exam at lenscrafters without insurances. But I do hear that there are different coupons in lenscrafters. Maybe you can get one. But if they can only be used in purchasing a pair of glasses, you'd better find a free eye exam in somewhere else. Good luck!
  • chriso1984


    Well, you can have an eye exam and buy a pair of glasses in the same store. If you do that, sometimes an eye exam can be provided for free. But you must know that it's a vision exam, not a full eye exam. Or you can find some free eye exams on this webpage Hope this helped! Good luck!
  • christ_band04


    I know the lenscrafters will offer discounts on frames and lenses when you update your prescription. But you can make a call to know whether they will offer you a discount on an eye exam. I found some complaints and reviews of lenscrafters. Sweetie, why not have eye exams at walmart vision center? It is said that the services are very good and products are cheaper. You can have a look.