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who invented the thinnest lenses for eyeglasses?

who invented the thinnest lenses for eyeglasses? Who knows?
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  • b1ttersw33t7


    I don't know who makes the thinnest eyeglasses. But I heard that the High-index eyeglass lenses can be a good choice for those who have high degrees in both eyes, because this kind of lenses will be thinner than the lenses made by other kind material of the same degrees.
  • Bridget C


    I have searched on Google and baidu. I haven't found the answers for your question. I think the thinnest eyeglasses were produced by a company. Though the stuffs in the company create the thinnest eyeglasses, the company owns the intellectual property, so who makes the thinnest eyeglasses is not very important. And we will not know the stuff who makes them.
  • Victor Lee


    To develop the thinnest lenses, we need not only high tech facilities but also a group of researchers who cooperate together. So, there is no definitely someone who can develop the thinnest lenses alone.

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