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How to fix droopy eye without surgery?

I got droopy eyes. Is there any treatment that i can do to fix it except surgery?
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  • James green


    The essence of this problem is owing to loose muscle. Eyes massage is effective. Firstly, use the following movements and you will see changes. Close your eyes, use your index figure, middle finger and ring finger gently press your eyes, and you can also rotate your eyes gently. Do not do it for a long time or rub hardly, several minutes might be good. Second, press your forehead. Use three fingers of your both hands to press from the middle of your forehead to the direction of the temple, and the press hard on the temple. Repeat 3 to 5 times. In addition, take care of the nutrient balance and avoid food preference and control the sweet food quantity, whose nutrient elements will protect your eyes and supply water for your skin, which makes your eyes look more tightness. After keep these measures for a period of time, you can feel your symptom obviously relieve.
  • Eric Zago


    Well, droopy eyelids happen to many people, and they can be very common to many people. But on the other hand, droopy eyelids can make you look tired and older. And there are many causes of droopy eyelids, such as weak levator muscle, paralysis of some nerves. To treat it, there are some ways you can have a try. First, you can try some tea bags which can be effective on eyelids. In my opinion, you can just put the teabags in the refrigerator until these become cool, and then just apply them on your eyes. Repeat this for a few days. Also, keep the proper water intake, and it can prevent droopy eyelids. By the way, stop rubbing your eyes, for that will lead to droopy eyelids. Anyway, just have a try.
  • walker67


    Except the surgery, you could treat the droopy eyes by using the oil essentials which could be absorbed by the eyes skin to make it become tight and smooth. You could also do the massage to make the eyes skin become tight. However, all these treatment will just reduce the droopy eyes which will not cure it like the surgery.

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