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What are good home remedies to reduce eye pressure?

My doctor told me that i have high eye pressure. It will make me in risks of some eye diseases such as glaucoma. So, can you tell me some good home remedies to reduce my eye pressure?
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  • Eric rupert


    If your high eye pressure cannot be cured in time, you may suffer from glaucoma, which can causes permanent damage to the optic nerve and limits peripheral vision. There are many home remedies to reduce eye pressure. You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of healthy liquids frequently throughout the day to stay, because drinking large quantities of liquids in a short time will increase eye pressure. Also, you should do more exercises. 20-minute walk, swimming or bicycling in your daily routine can help reduce eye pressure by up to 25 percent over time.
  • hill


    You can take more honey, which is hypertonic. After taking it, the osmotic pressure of the blood can increase, hence having an effect of absorbing the intraocular water content and lowering the eye pressure. Phaseolus angulari,daylily, the seed of Job's tears,sponge gourd also help lower down the eye pressure because they are tonic food to the spleen and can reduce the gathering of the intraocular water. As mental factors can give rise to hypertension, resulting in eye pressure, so you can take more lotus seed, cornmeal, walnut to soothe the nerves. In addition, because astriction can cause the poisoning of the body and influence the normal blood circulation, meanwhile, it can cause eye pressure, so you should take more food which contains rich fiber, such as mushroom, kelp, broad bean, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Robert ja


    High eye pressure, also known as ocular hypertension, is a common condition in people over 40 years old in which fluid drains too slowly from the eyes. Of course, there are some home remedies to help the high eye pressure. For example, we know drinking much caffeinated, carbonated drink will increase the eye pressure. You can increase the healthy fluid intake. Do remember that sip 8 to 10 glasses of healthy liquids often in a day instead of the caffeinated, carbonated drink. Besides, eating a balanced diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruit sometime can also help you with the high eye pressure. According to the Natural Eye Care Encyclopedia, the vitamin C and Ginkgo biloba can lower the eye pressure by as much as 5-7 mm because they can lower the inflammation and fluid production. Of course, apart from the home remedies, you can do something else, such as doing some eye exercise also plays a important role in lowering the eye pressure.

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