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John C.


Can rimless glasses be reused?

I have a pair of rimless glasses. But i broke the lenses. Can I reuse the rimless glasses frame?
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  • entaliden


    Well, I think it was so careless of you to have let that happen, anyway, what you could do is to reduce your losses as much as possible and that is the reason why you should not discard the frames of your rimless glasses. Though your lenses no longer exist, however, the frames could still be put to use, which could save you some money. It is absolutely ok to reuse them, just add some lenses to them.
  • luis


    If the rimless glasses have no broken symptom in the frames, you could reuse it and match it with the new lenses. You'd better bring it to the real store of eyeglasses to let the clients do it for you. You could also adjust the nose pad position and the frame tight degree to make it suitable for you to wear.

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