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What are chlamydia effects on eyes?

I heard somebody talked about chlamydia and eyes. So, what are the chlamydia effects on eyes?
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  • emi47678


    The chlamydia will be bad for the eyes. Chlamydia is for gram-negative pathogens. In nature, it is a widely spread disease with no synthesis of high energy compounds ATP GTP ability. They are in the ranks of the virus and then be the bacteria in small procaryote microbiology. The chlamydia trachomatis biological variety B A Ba C serotype are caused by direct or indirect contact with the main transmission.The eye to eye or eye to hand to eye via communication when chlamydia trachomatis infection gets into the eye conjunctival epithelial cells. The proliferation in the cytoplasm and formed in scattered type cap type mulberry type or packing type inclusion body the disease incidence is slow. It may occur in the early stage of the eyelid conjunctival acute or subacute inflammation. It may appear conjunctival cicatricial eyelid varus trichiasis corneal pannus cause corneal damage. Thus, it affects vision. If the infection of the eyes is not treated well, it may cause the blindness.
  • Alexandria


    Well, yes, it can affect your eyes if you get it. You should know that chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection , which is caused by a tiny bacterium, and chlamydia trachomatis. When you have got Chlamydia, it may develop pelvic inflammatory disease. It is a condition in which the internal genital organs are permanently damaged. So in that way, it can also affect your eyes, leading to sterility and long-term pain in your eyes. Besides, chlamydia often causes slight discharge from the penis. According to some researches, it is one of the major causes of blindness. Anyway, it can be dangerous.
  • coldnd


    One of the microorganism chlamydia will induce chronic infective keratitis. The appearance of symptom of this disease will lead to hackly of palpebral conjunctiva, like sand. This disease will last for over ten years that relate to the living and hygiene standard of the outer environment. The serious one will lead to blindness. The appearance of the disease will be photophobia, tears, itch and foreign body sensation, incretion increasing. The eyes bloods will congestion the follicle will appear, the heavy one will be cornea pannus. The hypopsia will happen. Keratohelcosis and dry eyes will exist in the later periods.

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