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Does wearing contacts really make our eyes worse?

I have a poor vision, and i like to wear contacts for vision aids. My mother told me it will ruin my eyes. So, does wearing contacts make my eyes worse?
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  • Mya harris


    This is really a common question for lots of people who first time wear contact lenses. In fact, wearing contact lenses won't make your eyes worse if you use it properly. I am nearsighted. Last year, i wear about half a year of contact lenses. But my prescription didn't change. So, i believe wearing contact lenses won't make your eyes worse.
  • Mike


    No, it wouldn't be worse. According to the eye care experts, the corrective contact lenses prescription wouldn't make eye vision worse. As we all known, contact lenses have similar function as regular glasses, maybe it brings a more convenient and easier way to people who need to correct eye vision. However, some people would be scare about inserting two foreign objects into their eyes. Hence, you had better to get suggestion from an ophthalmologist to know which type of contact lenses is suitable for your situation. And you should take care of the utilization and care of your contact lenses, so that it wouldn't affect your vision in a negative way.
  • campbell


    Generally speaking, wearing contact lenses correctly has no harm to your eyes. But if they are not used correctly, contact lenses will make corneaunable to contact air, so your eyes will appear the situation which is similar to the "plateau reaction" because of lack of air. Then the eyes will not be able to make normal metabolism, causing eyestrain, eyeball allergies, and serious cornea symptoms such as aging.