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Brittany green


What does it mean when i have eye floaters?

I feel black or gray dots in front of my eyes, and one of my friends said i may have eye floaters. What does it mean i have eye floaters?
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  • evilbethygirl


    If you find that you have eye floaters in your eyes, you'd better go to see the doctor because it is difficult to judge its result. After having the check, you can know whether it belongs to the physiological or the pathological symptom. Sometimes the allergic physique may make you have eye floaters because of some inadequate habit of using eyes. But the phenomenon of cataract and glaucoma also cover this symptom. Thus, you'd better go to the hospital and have a check.
  • Kelly


    First of all, eye floater is a common condition to see in daily life that almost every person could have a few eye floaters under different situations. And it's more frequently for over 50 years old people to have it. When you look at white wall or other light background, you would feel small black or grey spots in the front of your eye vision. It's an obvious sign of eye floaters. Aging can be the most nature reason to cause it. Meanwhile, if you have vision problem such as myopia, hyperopia, or you're too stressful or tried that can lead to eye floaters, too.
  • waldron143


    Eye floater's symptoms: eye floater patients often see the black sloshing spots in front of eyes. Sometimes the black spots flash by the eyes, sometimes it comes together and does not come loose, sometimes the shape of the spots also changes. When the patient is watching the blue sky or the white walls, the patients are more easily to find the existence of the black spots. Eye floater is one of the most common eye diseases, the middle aged people, heavy myopia people and the people who have had the cataract surgery are more likely to suffer from this disease. You feel black or gray dots in front of your eyes, this is one of the symptoms of eye floaters. If you are also a heavy myopia people, maybe you really have eye floaters as your friend has said. You should go to the hospital to have a look, your doctor will give your more advices.
  • Zoe may


    The eyes always see spots in black and the spots flitter with the rotation of the eyeball, just like a floater. It is often caused by high myopia, eyeball internal bleeding or inflammation of the eyes. You'd better go to see a doctor and timely have prevention and treatment.