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Does weight loss cause bags under eyes?

I am taking weight loss diet plan and my mother told me there are side effects of weight loss. I just wonder if losing weight will cause annoying bags under my eyes?
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  • Kelley


    Yes, I have to say that weight loss can lead to your eye bags. First, you should know that under eye bags are the result of accumulated fat in the eye area. When you have weight loss diet, you will eat less. In this way, your body will intake less nutrients like the vitamins and water. Finally, that has an effect on your eyes, and causes the eye bags. To treat the bags, you should eat foods high in antioxidant such as green leafy vegetables, artichoke heart, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and walnut. And having a good sleep is also a good way.
  • williams


    Yes, losing weight through the diet may cause a lot of side effects on the body. If you eat too less, you may get the dehydration which may stimulate your eye nerves. That is why you have the annoying bags under your eyes. You'd better intake some food with vitamin C to release this symptom.
  • Penny Choi


    Yes, it's true I lost a bunch of weight recently while taking Diet Pill Fat Burner for Fast Weight Loss. My face got skinnier and I noticed some small bags started to form around my eyes with the weight loss. I use dermalmd under eye serum and it has reduced the bags significantly. I%u2019d recommend it.
  • Hebbe


    There is no evidence to show that weight loss will cause bags under eyes. But it if you lose weight improperly, it may contribute to eye bags or dark circles. If you reduce your diet that cause your body lack some vitamins. Together, if you go to bed lately and lacking of sleeping, it may contribute your eye bags.
  • gerard


    Yes, losing weight will cause annoying bags under your eyes. More and more young people, especially young girls,usually losing weight by go on diets. But this way will make people could not get nutrition,like vitamins,etc. No more nutrition, skin will become more and more flabby, especially the skin around eyes. The skin around eyes is very weak. Less nutrition result in flabby and cause bags under eyes. So losing weight with diet will cause annoying bags under your eyes.