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Can quitting smoking improve my eyesight?

I heard that smoking is kind of bad for our eyesight. So, if i quitting smoking, will my eyesight be improved, or not?
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  • casebell


    If your eyesight has been affected by the smoking for a long time and you start to quit it, the eyesight may be improved a little because your eyes are stopped being stimulated by the irritating smoking gas. However, if you add with the diet complement, the eyesight will be improved in an obvious state.
  • Ariana


    Definitely yes, it could improve eyesight. Because smoking causes various health problems, including eye problems, such as dry eyes, cataracts, retinal problems, even it could lead to macular degeneration. When you quit smoking, you would get better blood circulation and lower blood pressure, thus there is higher blood oxygen to relieve dry eye. On the other side, it could decrease the risk of blindness due to the tobacco would enter your eyes when you are smoking to cause eye infection and serious problems.
  • Makayla raphael


    Yes, your eyesight will be improved if you quitting smoking. It is confirmed by eye specialists that it will decline eyesight if you smoke for a long period of time. Because there are a lot of nicotine and tar in cigarette which is consume varies of vitamin including V12. When our bodies lack of V12, it will drop our eyesight. Moreover, smoking will leads to the reduction of blood flow and the rise of oxygen-cent red radical which do great harm to retina. According the researches, people who give up smoking will have good eyesight again. Also smoking can cause cataract. So it is a wise decision for you to quit smoking. The further you get away from smoking, the more healthy you will be.

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