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William edward


Do NBA players wear contact lenses?

Sometimes i wear my prescription contact lenses while playing basketball. I am curious if NBA players wear contacts? If so, who?
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  • Austin


    Yeah, many NBA player wear contact lenses when playing basketball, such as Jabbar, Carter and so on. However, I think it is bad to wear contact lenses when doing sports because the sweet may come into the eyes which may make the eyes get infection. Thus you'd better not learn from these stars.
  • Dylan duncan


    It is normal for you to ask such a question , for I used to ask the same actually. Well, speaking of their vision, they tend to have perfect visions , however, there are always stars who have vision problems and they have to do something about it. Since glasses are fragile and limited to some occasions, they choose to wear contact lenses. As to whom, I have no idea, you cannot see who has got contacts from TV, can you? But by wearing contacts , they have better vision and that does not affect anything in general.
  • maria calderin


    Of course, many NBA players wear contacts, such as Landry, Vince Carter, Evan Turner and so on. I think wear contacts could make sight more clearly and allowably, thus NBA players could improve shooting average when they shoot at the basket.
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