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What are the best eyeglasses for a pear shaped face?

I have a pear shaped face and what eyeglasses will look good on me? Any suggestion?
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  • John Hendry


    Well, you should know that it all depends on what face shape you are. For your situation, you can wear some long frames which will match your face perfectly. Generally speaking, if someone has square face shape, he or she can try the oval or round frames. And if the face is heart shaped, he or she can choose the round frames, because Shapes with round edges look great (on heart shaped faces) and soften the broad upper part of your face. Anyway, there is nothing to do with which brand of sunglasses you wear, but what kind of frames you wear. So you should choose them carefully.
  • cecil


    Since you have the pear face, there must be a pointed chin for your face which may make you look that serious. I suggest you to choose the eyeglasses with round lenses which may add the cute and lovely character to you. And the round lense eyeglasses are very popular this year.
  • Vivian


    People with different shaped face should choose different kinds of eyeglasses. Since you have a pear shaped face, I advise you to buy a pair of big frame eyeglasses for they can embellish your face shape. However, how to choose a pair of glasses which is suitable for you, I think the best way is trying them in glasses shops directly and making comparisons.
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