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What is the difference between lasik and cataract surgery?

I thought the lasik surgery is almost the same as cataract surgery. Are they same? If not, what's the difference?
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  • coloradolicious


    Well, generally speaking, first, you should know that lasik eye surgery means using a laser underneath a corneal flap to reshape the cornea. Also, by this operation, it will utilize a highly specialized laser, and then it can treat refractive errors, improve vision, and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. That is the lasik eye surgery. On the other hand, when there are some problems occur on cataract, you should take surgery to heal it, and that would be the cataract surgery. So cataract surgery is an operation to remove the clouded lens. They are actually different from each other. But they both can be safe to take.
  • Heather Kirk


    The cataract surgery and lasik surgery are not the same. Their causes are different. When people get short sighted deeply at the prescription, they may want to use the lasik surgery to help them get the clear vision at the same time. The laser surgery will use the accurate molecular laser corneal flap based on the substrate layer phototropism cutting to reduce the pupil corneal curvature and achieve the purpose of correcting the myopia. After that surgery, people will get good vision even with no correction tools like eyeglasses or contact lenses. And the cause of the cataract surgery is the cataract which is a common blinding eye disease. Under the normal circumstances our lenses are transparent which will let the light come through it. After some focal interstitial reach the retina, we can clearly see the outside world objects. When the lens for some reason occurred cloudy, it will affect retinal imaging and make the person can't see things. Thus, we will accept the cataract surgery to get rid of the eyes problems to see things clearly.