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Daniel christian


Can i drink alcohol after laser eye surgery?

Is it OK to take alcohol after laser eye surgery? Is it harmful to my eyes?
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  • Ariana oliver


    It is not OK for you to take alcohol after the laser eye surgery because of the inner stimulating irritates. You'd better have the good diet after the laser eye surgery. You should eat the light food with no spicy taste which may stimulate your eye nerves. In addition, you'd better have the good rest for your eyes.
  • Tatiana


    Well, it seems that your eyes have just got some lasik surgery, which could help you regain your vision and get rid of those glasses. However, after the surgery, we will be asked to be very careful for a period of time, and we are not allowed to drink within 3 weeks or more. Of course it is dangerous for you to risk drinking right after the surgery, leading to some serious consequences. Just be careful and follow the doctor's advice.

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