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Alexandria taylor


Why is peripheral vision blurry in one eye?

I noticed that one of my eyes get blurred peripheral vision. Why?
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  • Sara


    Once you get the blurred peripheral vision, you may take great notice that you may get the eyes infection. You'd better go to see the doctor and have a full check on the eyes. You could use some eye drops to release your symptom. You'd better use the medical care to treat the eyes to improve the vision.
  • Erin rupert


    Well, there are many people who suffer this problem. And in common, if there is a problem with the processing or transmission of visual information, blurred peripheral vision may occur. And with the appearance of it, you may suffer other problems, such as diseases the retina, damage to the optic nerve, and the glaucoma. So it can be dangerous to have it, especially when you go outside and have driving. So for your situation, you just need to go and see the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Cassidy campbell


    It would be abnormal for you to have blurred peripheral vision on one of your eyes. In fact, blurred peripheral vision would be resulted from some reasons, such as retina problems, or some infections, or some Organic lesions with your eyes. Anyway, it is a sign of eye health problem, so you must try to examine your eyes so as to figure our possible treatment.

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