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Why does it feel like something is in my eye?

After a nap, i feel like something is in my left eye. It is very uncomfortable. But i look my eyes through mirror and i find nothing. What happened?
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  • Kimberly


    When you feel uncomfortable at your eyes and feel like something in your left eye, you may have the inflammation of the eyes. You'd better choose to use the eye drops to release the symptom. If you still feel like this, you could go to the hospital to have a check on the eyes and then accept the treatment as soon as possible.
  • James green


    Well, for your situation, it is possible that you are getting Blepharitis. According to some experts, Blepharitis is a common eye condition. When suffers it, it will just make your eyelids to have scaly-appearing at the base of the eyelashes. And when scales become coarser, the surface of the eye becomes irritated and forms crusts. And of course, when this crust falls into your eye, you may feel like something in your eye. And discomfort in your eyes may occur too. To relieve the symptom, you should take some cold compresses at first, and then some eye drops are needed. Of course, medical care is essential too.


    Well, it quite understand your feeling, because I used to have the same problem with you and I was so confused, I later realized that I just got trachoma , which is one of the infections with eyes and would give you a feeling of something in your eyes. Or your problem is due to stye or other problems with your eyes. So, you need to examine your eyes thoroughly and find out the causes.

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