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Can lack of calcium cause eye twitching?

My eyes often twitch and i just wonder if lack of calcium cause my eyes to twitch?
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    Yes. Though there are several factors that can cause eye twitching such as fatigue, lack of sleep, drinking alcohol, caffeine and take tobaccos etc. But we can't deny that lacking of calcium is also one of the common reason to eye twitching for lots of people from time to time. So, take food rich of calcium can help your prevent eye twitching.
  • Jerry


    Yep, it could happen when you have extremely low levels of calcium. Although eye twitching is a harmless and common situation, it seems like a warning to your health, including eye health. As we all known, magnesium is responsible for normal nerve and enzyme function and the production of protein and energy. At the same time, It is essential for proper functioning of your muscles, including eye muscle contraction and relaxation. However, people who do not recognize that if they have low levels of calcium, especially serious lack of it, it could cause muscle spasms that can lead to involuntary eyelid movements.
  • Erin rupert


    Actually, I think if some one lack of calcium will cause the eyes to twitch. The too less or too much calcium contains than average will cause diseases both. The too much calcium will induce urinary stone, and lack of it will lead to twitch especially hands and legs' twitch. The process of twitch will last several seconds to dozens of seconds, 1 to 20 times one day. Calcium will control the movement of nerves and muscles, if you lack of it, the nerves will malfunction, the twitch will happen. However, the twitch will not only caused by lack of calcium, it may caused by eyes fatigue or high blood pressure even heart disease and diabetes. These diseases are easily happen in the old people's body. Which reason cause your eyes twitch, please go to doctor for safeguard of your health.
  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    If you lack of calcium, it may affect your vision. However, when your eyes get twitcing, there must be caused by the inflammation, not only by the lack of calcium. I suggest you to go to the hospital and have a check on the eyes. You should not use the computer too much time now and have a good rest for the eyes.

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