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Bridget C


Do tea bags help black eyes?

I have black eyes. Can i use tea bags to reduce it? I wonder if tea bag really helps for black eyes?
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  • explosion_x3


    Tea bags can do help to remove your black eyes. With plenty of tannis and caffeine, as well as copious antioxidants, tea bags can remove black eyes quickly. The caffeine can help remove excessive moisture, and the antioxidants can soothe the skin. In addition, green, black or white teas are the most beneficial to use.
  • walkersville


    It seems that your eyes have got black due to some particular reasons. So, sometimes black eyes could be really ugly and do some harm to your personal image. So, as you can see, tea bags have proved to be quite effective in treating eye problems, and maybe it could do some good to your black eyes, making them recover faster. But you should not rely on them, just go to get some medicine.
  • clark


    The answer is absolutely yes. The essence problem for black eyes is due to the extravasated blood remains which effect the circulation around eyes. Nicely, the tea bag contains tannin which is an active ingredient, tannin in tea can work well to draw excessive liquid out of the skin to make it smooth and the help increase circulation with the black eyes. Before you apply tea bags, you'd better put them in the refrigerator to make them cold, and then, just place a frozen tea bag on your black eyes for a few minutes and then press them several times with your ring finger before you sleep. After you wake up next morning, you will see the changes obviously. Hope these suggestion can really do work for you, thanks.