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Alexa joyce


What eyeglass frames are in style 2013?

I want to buy some fashion glasses this year. Do you have any good idea? What eyeglasses frames are in style in 2013?
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  • hall


    In 2013, the fashion of wearing astonishing and exaggerating glasses is still on, which mainly contains three aspects, that is, the color, the decorative pattern, and the shape. Glasses with bright colors and neutrals is very popular among groups of young students, white-collar class, celebrities, and so on. For example, the color of lively, radiant emerald green, oxblood, a shade of red that suits every skin tone, ombre, and color-blocking are all extremely popular colors in 2013 for eyeglass frames.There are a great many kinds of decorative patterns for glasses frames, too. Chic and neutral patterns are popular in 2013, such as the immensely popular leopard spots, simple zebra prints, retro prints, neon colors with flowers and polka dots, stripes and subtle tortoiseshell prints, and so on. As to the shape of glass frames, there are as well various choices in style, such as well-rounded frames, cat eye frames, oddly shaped frames, safe and sound protective frames, and so on. In addition, there are many detailed accessories to the frames, such as embedded jewels, cut-outs, translucent or transparent frames.
  • EDWIN Caster


    As a matter of fact, the fashion is changing every hour and moment in some ways. But for the time being, the full rectangle frame glasses are more and more popular in 2013. And they are very popular favorite especially for young girls. They can be wear in many ways, just like stylish, mysterious and cool ways to match with their highly variable styles. And impress people with a carefree, easy-going image. Whereas, as far as i am concerned, no matter what is the most popular style recently, the essential point is wether it is appropriate for you. Thus when you choose frames, you should select a pair of eyeglasses that fit for your face, in addition, select a pair of frames that you like is the most important.
  • walkamong123


    Usually the popular eyeglasses frames can be seen from the wearers. You could see that a lot of people still wear the nerd eyeglasses with big frame. It is still popular now. If you want to be fashionable, you could try this type. A lot of people like to wear the fashionable glasses with no lenses. They will show their fashion.