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Why do the back of my eyes burn?

The black of my eyes feel burning. Why? What causes it?
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  • Jordyn adams


    The reason of your burning of your back of your eyes may be caused by the eye infection. Your eyes may get the invisible bacterium by accident. You need to take notice of it. You need to use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to moisture your eyes and make your eyes get comfortable. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable.
  • etherealfreak


    There are many reasons for why the back of the eye burns. Eye irritations may be the cause of burning sensation. If some foreign objects such as sunscreen, eyelash and chemicals slip in your eyes, your eyes will be irritated and feel burning. Dry and smoky environment can also make your eyes burning. To deal with the irritation, you can flush the foreign object out with artificial tears. Sometimes antibiotic eye drops are also needed. If your burning eyes are caused by dryness, you can add moisture to your house and workplace. Using artificial tears to lubricate your eyes constantly is helpful. Blepharitis is another cause for burning eyes. Besides burning, blepharitis can also make the eyes tearing and the vision blurred. Warm compresses and massaging are effective in relieving blepharitis. However, you still should visit an ophthalmologist for advice.

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