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Why do people still wear glasses instead of contacts?

I noticed that there are many people still wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses. Why? Are eyeglasses better than contact lenses?
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  • Jacqueline hall


    This question is quite good in some ways, which could make you know better the differences between those two options. So, as you can see, contact lenses have got a couple of side effects, such as potentials for infections, red eyes, eye strain, dry eyes, etc. However, eye spectacles would make these disadvantages gone and could also provide you with visual aids. So, sometimes a lot of people still opt for glasses.
  • coulisse_16


    In my opinion, both of them have respective advantages and disadvantages. For contact lenses, we need to pay much attention when purchasing and wearing it. However, we can enjoy convenience if it is raining and doing some exercises. As for glasses, we can care less about infection, and it is suitable for some lazy people. But, when we doing some exercises, we may suffer from some hurt.
  • Cassy


    Hell. That's true contact lenses has a lot of uesers and people like its advantages such as stealth. And no weight burden to the nose. But it is also true that still a lot of people wear glasses instead of contact lenses. Because as we all know, contact lenses need more time to wear them. And more effort need to take to keep clean. What's more, your eyes will in danger to get some infection if your cleaning work is not doing well.
  • key


    Well some people prefer glasses because they are more comfortable and easier to wear, and some glasses lenses aren't able to convert to contact lenses ones purely because of their type. It is also cheaper to use glasses, and some people may not like inserting lenses into their eye as it can be quite irritating and uncomfortable. Hope I helped! :)