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What color contact lenses are good for girls?

I want to wear colored contact lenses for looks but don't know what color of contact lenses shall i choose. Can you recommend me some?
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  • Zoe may


    Black contact lenses can make you look calm and leisurely, it is the most suitable for Asians, which can make your eyes bright and focused, and stretch oriental temperament. Brown contact lenses can make you elegant and natural, which can enlarge your eyes and show a bit of gentle temperament. Blue contact lenses can make your have an exotic feeling, when it worn by people with white skin, it is more like a person of mixed blood. Purple contact lenses can make you have a mysterious feeling; it is more charm in the sunlight. It makes you have a low profile but not lack of dynamic qualities. Gray contact lenses are suitable for a variety of skin tones, which make you have a faint melancholy. Green contact lenses are lively, and have a feeling of nature. It is fresh and bright. The ultimate effect of color contact lenses depends on the mixing effect of wearer's original iris color and lens color. Because different people have different aesthetics, so you can choose your favorite color according to your own feeling.
  • William


    Firstly you are required to make sure what the color of your skin, hair and natural eye is. If you have dark skin, you might need to choose bright-colored lenses. And if your natural eye color is brown, you might choose contact lenses in violet, green or blue. In general, choosing color contact lenses that will make you stand out but not wired. If you want to be cool, you may like contact lenses like novelty contact lenses, glowing contact lenses and scary Halloween contact lenses. There are various contact lenses available in online shops, such as:
  • Vanessa


    Nowadays, the contact lenses are not only a vision tool but also a makeup tool for people, especially young people. They usually wear contact lenses to make outstanding eyes. For girls, the black ones are the best choice, because they can enlarge the eye shape to make it more beautiful. Or the dark blue ones are a good choice, which can make the eyes deeper. The grey ones can be considered as well, because of this color is closer to the eyes' naturally color, which couldn't be seen obviously. However, the contact lenses shouldn't be worn for a long period, especially the colored ones. The various colors are added on the surface of lenses to harm the eyes. Hence, you should choose some branded color contact lenses if you have to wear them.
  • coldshadow05


    It all depends on your personal likes. If you have white skin tone, you can wear blue. Brown is suitable for wheat color skin tone. If your face is a little dark, you can wear black lenses. Gray contact lenses make you feel like a dream girl. Still, the colors of contacts connect with skin tone as well as the color of your hair. If you hair is dark, you should wear dark lenses, and if it is in light color, you can match it a color similar with it. At last, I suggest you that do not wear colored contact lenses in a long time as the oxygen permeability are not good as transparent lens.
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