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What are best eyeglasses for a diamond face?

I am looking for eyeglasses for a diamond face. Can you give me some suggestions?
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  • David Safir


    Usually, diamond shaped faces have a narrow jawline but with a broad cheekbones. There are seldom people have such shape. To choose the best eyeglasses to flatter you, the eyeglasses must highlight the eyes and soften the cheekbones. Therefore, you shall try rimless eyeglasses frames or cat eye style eyeglasses. Hope this help.
  • Anthony gary


    The best eyeglasses will enhance and complement your looks rather than masking them. Don't use the same shape of frame as your face, nor the opposite extreme. Rimless styles could allow cheek bones to shine, and would make you look hot and match with the shape of your face and personality .Diamond shape faces also can try the dramatic, outsize frames which make you look particularly good. Don't choose the upswept styles like cat eye glasses which emphasize the cheek bones.
  • Linda


    This face shape is unique and rare. To best show off a diamond shaped face, go for a pair of glasses that accentuates your already impressive cheek bones with a bolder style. Draw attention to your eyes and the top portion of your face with top-heavy frames. Diamond face shapes have their choice of frames with thicker top halves or semi-rimless styles to accentuate their most striking features.
  • Fried


    The best glasses for your face shape are...
    No wider than your cheekbones
    Frames with soft curves such as oval shapes
    Styles that add width at the brow, for example, with decoration or color at the top of the frame
    Frames that are narrower on the bottom and wider at the top such as cat-eye shapes