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How do I keep my prescription reading glasses clean?

I bought a pair of prescription reading glasses last week. Now it looks dirty. How can i keep it always clean?
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  • california_babi


    You can keep it clean as long as possible if you just wear it for reading without going some places with dust or oil. But if it is dirty, you can clean the lenses by yourself at home. You just need use drops of wash solution, such as detergent or body wash, clean water and glasses cloth or 100 percent cloth. Firstly, moist the glasses then drop some detergent or body wash on both sides on the lenses. Secondly, wipe the lenses carefully and slightly, then, wash them in the clean water. At last, dry the lenses and frame with the glasses cloth or 100 percent cloth. It is very easy, right?
  • carolmck


    The correct right way of cleaning the reading eyeglasses is putting your glasses under cold running water and rubbing a little soap on your damp fingers and cleaning your glasses. Then shake dry. That will keep the glasses bright and clean, avoiding scratching lenses. Many people have picked up clothes, handkerchief to rub their glasses. It is not OK to regularly clean your eye glasses with these kinds of material. If you are one of the many who use tissues, the bottom of your shirt or the corner of the sheet, you should stop using that method now as the rough material easily scratch the lens. By the way, cleaning the slits between the frames can use the old soft toothbrush to gently scrub, removing dirt.
  • Lanne


    To be honest, when I first heard that soap and water is the best way to clean your eyewear, I was incredibly skeptical.But I tried it and it works!
    There are a few tricks to using this method so that your eyewear is free of smears.
    Put your glasses under cold running water.Rub a little soap on your damp fingers and rub your glasses. Then shake dry.Alternatively you could blow on your glasses to dry them. This usually cleans them.Use only cold water.Sometimes, though even after following this method you may still have some smears. You can then use a micro fiber cloth.