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Can I wear protective sports goggles while playing basketball?

I heard that there are protective sports goggles that can protect eyes in sports. So, can i wear a pair of such protective goggles when i play basketball?
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  • Tyler charles


    Yes you can wear a pair of protective sports goggles while playing basketball and you'd better have one when you do some sports, because basketball, baseball and racquet are the main reasons for sports related eye injuries every year. You can fill yourself a pair of sports goggles if you do this kind of sports often. When you are selecting goggles, you should take many tips into consideration, such as the lenses, the frame, the pads and coverage. The lenses material should be polycarbonate and the thickness is 3mm. This is included in the ASTM safety standard. ASTM also lists that the frame should also be polycarbonate in F803. The nose pads should place at the temple points and the bridge points to protect the blow. What's more, that frame should cover the whole eye stock instead of only eyeballs.
  • Shannon


    The new and innovative combination of the prescription glasses and the sports is one of the most successful changes. Sport lovers would need not to worry about the vision problems during sports with the various prescription sports goggles. As for wearing a pair of protective sports goggles while playing the basketball, the suitable prescription basketball glasses are suggested.

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