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Benson Dubois


What are best sunglasses for oval faces?

I have a small oval face. What type of sunglasses suit me most?
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  • candylips167


    You are so lucky that your face is suitable for any types of sunglasses. Generally, the frames should be as wide as or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face。But since your face is small, you should buy small sunglasses. As for the color, I think purple makes people very grace and elegant. If you are seeking for a sense of power and security, red can help you with it. Blue and green make you calm down. But if you wear glasses when you are driving, red, green or yellow is not the color you should choose, dark brown may the best one.
  • cheryl


    You're in luck if you have an oval-shaped face because most frame shapes of sunglasses work with oval faces. All square, rectangular and geometric shapes can add angles to soft curves to make you changeable and unique. Oval faces have balanced proportions that most frames look great. So you can really play with different styles. Just enjoy yourself.