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John clark


Why my eyes can't focus after exercise?

After doing exercise, my eyes feel hard to focus. Why? Can exercise affect eyes?
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  • Mark Burns


    You'd better go to see the doctor and find whether there is the eye infection. You may get the invisible bacterium in your eyes during the exercise. If you solve this problem as soon as possible, you will feel pain soon and get the red eyes. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom.
  • coloursoflife


    Looks like you like to have sports on a regular basis. So, it is good for you. However, you should also be aware of the fact that sometimes overexercise is bad to your health, because your body could not withstand that much of sports,which could lead to a lack of focus on objects. Or maybe there are some problems with your body. If the situation remains the same, I advise you to take a physical exam to see where went wrong.
  • chrisera21


    Well, generally speaking, it can be very normal for you to have this situation after you have taken exercises. We can say that it is because you are tired. As we know that when you have been doing some exercise, it will make your eyes feel stressed in a long time. We can say it as eye strain. Then after you finished, and see other things, it will be hard for your eyes to be accustomed to the situation around. At this moment, they can not focus on easily. So you should be careful about it. And you can just try some eye exercises to relieve your symptoms. Also, you can have some eye drops so that it can relieve the symptom.