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What eyeglass lenses should I get?

I am Nearsighted. And i need work with computer everyday. So, what kind of eyeglasses should i choose. My friend recommend me buy polycarbonate lenses for my eyeglass. Still some people recommend high index lenses. I have no idea which one to choose. Can you give me some suggestion?
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  • ct_exposed


    Personally, you can buy polycarbonate lenses for your eyeglasses. They are light weight, durable that are idea lenses to shield the eyes. It is said that the polycarbonate lenses is 10 times impact-resistance compared with plastic lenses. They are good eyeglasses lenses. But i think you can consult an optician what lenses shall you choose for your prescription.
  • amanda


    Regarding to your question, polycarbonate lenses is the most popular nowadays. Not only because they are light-weighted, but also because they are compact resistance. However, it is more important that you can find a pair which fits you mostly from style. If you do not have strong prescription, it is unnecessary for you to try high index lenses, because it is a little expensive.
  • Cassidy


    You need to take your prescription into consideration while choosing eyeglasses lenses. If your prescription is relatively lower than -500, so you do not need high index lenses. Actually, if you have much strong prescription, then high index lenses are much better, because the higher the index, the thinner the glasses in the same prescription conditions. As to polycarbonate lenses, they are impact-resistance but they are a little bit expensive than other kind of glasses materials. Hope this helpful.