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Daniel gerard


Contacts or Glasses?

I have already worn eyewear for about 10 years. Now, I would love to change for another pair. Can any one tell me what I need to change for, contacts or glasses?
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  • b1eedingthrough


    When it comes to contact lenses or eyeglasses, both have their advantages and disadvantages. People commonly choose to wear contact lenses because they think they look better without glasses. But contacts offer plenty of other benefits as well. For example, if you're an athlete, you'll find that contact lenses provide more stable vision and a wider field of view than eyeglasses do. You also don't have to worry about your glasses fogging up or getting knocked off during a game.
  • Rebecca


    Personally I think wearing framed glasses is better than contacts, because contact sit closely on the cornea which will hurt or damage your eyes. Our eyes are always sensitive, so we should take much care about our eyes.
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