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Why do sunglasses have no power?

I am nearsighted. When I want to go out in summer, I would love a pair of sunglasses processed with my prescription. Can any one tell me where I can get this kind of sunglasses?
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  • chatter_box505


    Actually, the normal sunglasses as we usually say are non-prescription lenses. However, there are also a lot of sunglasses processed with prescription lenses. Some online eyeglasses shop also provide such sunglasses. However, so far, they only provide prescription sunglasses for people with mild or low prescription. Of you have heavy myopia that over -6.00, you are not suggested to get prescription sunglasses. If you have mild prescription that lower that -6.00, you can expected to look for a pair of prescription sunglasses.
  • hill


    It is a simple problem. You may expected to get prescription sunglasses for an optical shops. If you can't find a shop that provide prescription sunglasses around your house, you can search them online. I have got a pair from The sunglasses are nice. And they are made according to my prescription glasses. They are really convenient. You can have a try,too.
  • Zoe Wang


    I know that the main function of Sun Glasses is to reduce the intensity of light by polarization. Therefore there no need for them to have power.
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