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Can you tell me some characteristics of rimless eyeglasses?

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  • James green


    It is lighter and easier to wear. It also makes the glasses appear nearly invisible on the face and give a more open and friendly appearance,too. However, if you want to use rimless glasses to hide your eyes, it might not work because rimless glasses are usually invisible on your face.
  • evil_lanruoj


    The rimless eyeglasses have many advantages. They are lighter as compared to those full frame glasses. They are also flexibility due to their light weight. The rimless glasses need enough care to prevent them breaking down, so the lenses of rimless glasses have higher quality than the traditional glasses. What's more, rimless glasses are quite economical. They are much lower than traditional eyeglasses.
  • Isabelle duncan


    My colleague bought a pair of rimless eyeglasses last month. Yesterday, he told me he couldn't go down the stairs with his new glasses on. He also said that the rim of the glasses confused the stairs in the front of him. But he has very think lenses. My glasses are semi-rimless with thin lenses and it has never made suck kind of problems for me.
  • Matthew harris


    I ordered a pair of rimless glasses online last week. I haven't got the glasses yet. So I am wondering what character rimless glass has and what kind of different feeling I will experience. And I'd like to tell you my lenses are round. If it makes me awkward, I won't wear it in the outside. But i still don't want to get a pair of ugly glasses. Wish me good luck!
  • chatter_box505


    Rimless glasses don't have frames around the lenses. And there are only two transparent lenses holded by other parts of glasses. Rimless glasses can give its user a minimalistic and sharp look. Rimless glasses make the glasses appear nearly invisible on the face. the guy who wear a pair of rimless glasses make people feel more open and friendly when compared with the guy who wear full frame glasses.
  • walkingalone_


    Hey, here, I have found an article that tells us the characteristics of rimless eyeglasses. And I also found some pictures of rimless glasses for you. You can have a look and then you can have a good understanding of this kind of glasses.

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