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How could you possibly order glasses online without the correct measurements of your face?

I just wonder how could you possibly order glasses online without the correct measurements of your face? How do you know the glasses fit on your face?
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  • 04/12/2012

    You can go to the optician to get the correct measurements of your face. Then you can ask for a copy of your prescription. The optician have no right to refuse to give you your prescription. Then you can order glasses online by filling in your prescription.
  • Gregory A Meetze


    You can get your frame size from your current glasses. Almost each pair of glasses has its frame size printed on one side of the temples. The frame size includes lens length, lens width and bridge width. Only you get the glasses frame with correct size can they fit your face properly.
  • Stephanie


    If this is the first time you buy a pair of glasses online, you can have your eyesight checked by an eye doctor and then get a prescription which can tell you what are your degrees and PD. Sometimes an optician can tell you which size is best for you and which kind of frame can fit your face shape. But nowadays, many opticians just sell their products and know little about this, while they will let you have a try. If you can find a pair of glasses that fit for your face shape, you can buy that. If you want to buy the glasses online, you can remember the size of this pair of glasses and place an order of the same glasses online. Never let the optician know that you will not buy their glasses before getting all the information you want in their stores. Good luck!
  • christ_band04


    Well, I bought a pair of glasses online last week. I knew the size of the frame that I need so I just uploaded a photo of my head and clicked the glasses that I chose, and then my photo could wear that pair of glasses automatically. I could know whether this pair of glasses fit for my face shape or not in this way. I had tried all the glasses I like in that online store. It is really convenient. You can have a try too. Good luck!
  • Alexander


    Oh, of course sometime we will buy a pair of glasses online that doesn't fit for our face. There are three ways to deal with it. One is to accept this pair of glasses and never place an order in this online store anymore. The second way is to complain about the problems that you meet and ask for a refund, but you may need to pay the shipping fees. But if you get insurance before placing this order, you just need to pay a small amount of insurance fees. This is really a better deal. The third way is to have your glasses replaced by the online store and you need to wait for another few days. It takes your times and energy. And you must be patient because the complaints will not be taken as kindly as you think. Some customers will get annoyed by the customer services and decided not to buy products in this store anymore. So before placing an order, you must be careful. Good luck!