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What shape of eyeglasses would suit a square face?

I have a square face. I am planning to get a pair of eyeglasses. Do you know what shape of eyeglasses can suit a square face?
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  • Lindsay


    I have a square face. I bought a pair of black titanium glasses on Firmoo last month. It fits my face well. I like it very much. You can upload your photos and then the system will match the glasses you ordered with your face automatically. You can try on all the glasses sold on this website without going to an optical shop. It really saves your time. Good luck!
  • 04/14/2012

    A square face has a very strong jaw line and a broad forehead.The aim is to soften the angles of a square chin and make the face look longer.I think the oval and round frames will achieve this.
  • smith


    People with a square face have a broad forehead and a strong jawline. So to soften the facial angles, people with such faces should choose glasses frames which are wider than the deep so that they will make their faces look longer. Oval shaped eyeglasses can suit a square face fine.
  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    It is said that round frame glasses will fit for a square face. But I think you'd better have a try in an optical store. The size and color of the frames play an important part in choosing a pair of glasses. Sometimes even though the frame is round, this pair of glasses will make you look nerdy. Hope this helped!
  • clive


    Well, if you are a girl with long hair, I think you can choose any kind of glasses. Your hair style can help cover your strong jaw line and enhance your looking in some way. So you can choose all kinds of frames as long as they make you look good at this time. If you are a boy, you'd better choose a pair of round shape frame. Or you can buy a pair of ray ban sunglasses which make man look really cool. I love them so much. Hope this helped!
  • Melanie smith


    I have a square face. I have a broad forehead, square chin and strong horizontal jaw line. My optician suggests me to choose the frames which can make these architectural features shine. So I often try round or softer oval shapes to contrast the straight lines of my face. I think this website provide us more information about how to choose a pair of glasses that will fit for our face shape. Hope this is useful to you!

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